How Quizzes Work

When you open the Quiz page, trigger the button labeled “Start Quiz”. After you use that button you can begin to read through the quiz.

Access for All Quizzes use the same format for each quiz question. Quiz question text is a 5th level heading for each question. Multiple choice question options will be read by a screen reader. You can read questions by navigating to the heading. Quiz questions are before the possible answers, so you will navigate to the previous heading to hear the question again if you need to.

Once you submit a quiz, results are calculated and displayed. After you submit, wait a few seconds for the quiz check to finish. To find the results, navigate into the content of the page to the Results heading. This will be a 4th level heading. You can then use the button to either restart the quiz if you did not pass it or the button to continue to the next lesson if you did pass.

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